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Rider Education

District Educator - Vacant
Asst. District Educator - Bob Beltz - (757) 869-8277

Asst. District Educator - Gordon Combs - (540) 840-0394

Marty & Leslie Cash - 1996-1997
Cundiff & Ellen Simmons - 1998-1999
Kathy Hooper - 1999-2000
Pat & Shelia McMahon - 2001-2002
Doug & Ann Hardy - 2002-2003
Gary & Jackie Wall - 2003-2004
Jeff & Deb Sterling - 2005-2006
Nancy Wilkins - 2006-2007
Larry Gray - 2007-2008
William "Bill" Lee - 2008-2009
Diana Brennen - 2011-2012

GWRRA VA Educator of the Year 2014-2015

Rick Makowski, Chapter L, Chesapeake, VA

GWRRA VA Educator of the Year 2012-2013

John Skinner, Chapter L, Chesapeake, VA

If you have any questions about the GWRRA Rider Education Program or motorcycle safety in general, please do not hesitate to contact your local GWRRA Chapter Educator, or one of the above. If they cannot immediately provide you with the information you need, they will obtain it for you from their vast resources. To download the latest Information on the GWRRA Rider Education Program and Forms  click here!!!


To download the latest information on the GWRRA Rider Education Program, go here!!!
Download a Rider Education Brochure here!!!

If you don't think you have the knowledge or skills to pass the motorcycle operator license tests, or you would like to improve your skills, you should enroll in a motorcycle rider training course. Classes are designed for both beginning riders and experienced riders, and are taught by certified motorcycle safety instructors. Classes will provide you with the opportunity to learn new techniques and practice your skills in a controlled, safe environment. 
Classes are offered at community colleges and other locations throughout the state. For information about a course near you, click on the link below for the nearest Virginia Rider Training Program Course locations:


Rider Education and Safety Links for Virginia and the US Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia (MSLVI)

Motorcycle Safety Foundation
GWRRA National Rider Education
No Zone - - National Highway and Traffic Safety Big Vehicle Awareness Site
Snell Memorial Foundation - - Everything you ever wanted to know about helmets!!!

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