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Vernon L. Needham"Spirit of Virginia" Award

2021 Recipient
David Huey

Chapter VA-C (Newport News)


Honored Former Recipients

Betty Needham - Chapter VA-A (Northern Virginia) - 1997

Frank Gillespie - Chapter VA-F (Winchester) - 1998
Orin Thomas - Chapter VA-F (Winchester) - 1999
Chris Hooper - Chapter VA-D (Richmond) - 2000
Curt Dixon - Chapter VA-A1 (Stafford) - 2001
Dave & Melissa Timbs - Chapter VA-I (Manassas) - 2002
Bruce & Gayle Babcock - Chapter VA-I (Manassas) - 2003
George Craddock & Isabel Gray - Chapter VA-I (Manassas) - 2004
Linda Carlyle - Chapter VA-W (Chester) - 2005
Ed Talbott - Chapter VA-J (South Boston) - 2006
Keith & Carol Lindgren - Chapter VA-L (Chesapeake) - 2007
Mike & Carol Lucas - Chapter VA-E (Fredericksburg) - 2008
Mike & Angie Mitchell - Chapter VA-U (Hanover) - 2009
Greg & Karen Kestner - Chapter VA-E (Fredericksburg) - 2010
Bobbie Jo Harrison- Chapter VA-K (Roanoke) - 2011
Wayne Whitworth - Chapter VA-K (Roanoke) - 2012
Debbie Dowell- Chapter VA-D (Richmond)- 2013
Tommy & Gayle Wilson - Chapter VA-K (Roanoke) - 2014
Joe Dickson - Chapter VA-O (Williamsburg) - 2015

David Hunter - Chapter VA-B (Virginia Beach) - 2016

Denise Blake - Chapter VA-O (Williamsburg) - 2017

Ray and Tammie Pierce - Chapter VA-O (Williamsburg) - 2018

Jim and Ann Peterson - Chapter VA-I (Manassas) - 2019

Larry and Marie Crow - Chapter VA-D (Richmond) -2020

All members within GWRRA are outstanding members, but there are those few who continue to help others and exemplify the motto of this organization, "Friends for fun, safety and knowledge." These members deserve to be recognized for their contributions that go above and beyond. The "Spirit of Virginia" award is presented to an outstanding person or couple with in the Virginia GWRRA District that represents this meaning. 
With that in mind, an award has been initiated to recognize this member. Only one award will be presented in any year. If a deserving recipient or couple is nominated and selected, the presentation will be made at the District Rally. The member(s) receiving this award does not have to prove themselves by any type of test or oral presentation. They do not have to present themselves in any way after they have been nominated. In fact, it is preferred the nominated person(s) is not aware of the nomination. A selection panel will be chosen each year to consider all nominations received and will select one award recipient. The nominator of the selected recipient will be contacted upon selection to ensure that the recipient will be attending Rally in the Valley for presentation of the Award.

Rules of the award are as follows: 

- The nominee or couple must be a Full or Associate member(s) of the Virginia GWRRA with membership fees paid in full for the year they are nominated.

- The nominator(s) must also be a Full or Associate member(s) of the Virginia GWRRA with membership fees paid for the year they are nominating.

- The nominator(s) does/do not have to be an officer or hold any position within GWRRA.

- The nominator(s) must submit a written dissertation stating why they believe the person or couple should be considered for this prestigious award. Try to be as comprehensive as possible as to why the nominee or couple should be considered.

- The written dissertation is to be submitted to the Chapter Director or Assistant Chapter Director of the nominator's Chapter to be forwarded to the District Director. All nominations are to be sent US Mail or electronic mail (e-mail) to the District Director, or their designated recipient, and received no later than September 15 (revisions to this date at the discretion of the District Director with written notice to all Chapter Directors in advance). of the year of the potential award.

- The selection panel will then consider the submitted nominations to determine if a "Spirit of Virginia" award warrants presentation at that year's District Rally.

- How does a member or couple qualify for this prestigious award? "By their works you shall know them."

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