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Visitation Progam

"NEW" Virginia Visitation Guidelines!!!

1. There is no limit to the number of Chapter members making up a team.  Each person representing the capturing GWRRA Virginia Chapter must have their membership paid and up to date. All members including District Staff must claim a home chapter and cannot represent more than one chapter.

2. There are no minimum mileage requirements established for visiting.

3. All Chapter visitation cards must be signed and dated by the Chapter Director, Assistant Chapter Director, Educator or Membership Enhancement Coordinator of the Chapter being visited and must be signed on the date of the visit.  Forgotten cards, forgotten signatures cannot be made up for at any later date.

4.  Lost cards will be replaced if necessary but any signatures that were on the cards at the time it was lost will not be made up for, the member must start off anew.

5.  Members can get a signature for visiting the same chapter up to 6 times a year, although visitation to that chapter is encouraged they will not count beyond 6.


6.  Region or International signatures will count as 2 points and must be identified on card.

7.  Time will be from Rally in the Valley to Rally in the Valley of the following year.  Oct - Oct


8. Leadership, Safety, MAD, Training seminars count toward 1 point on an individuals cards, the objective is visitation.


9.  The Chapter holding the most signatures at the end of the reporting timeframe beginning with Rally in the Valley and ending with the following Rally in the Valley will have their Chapter Chartering Fees paid for by the District for that year, in the event of a tie, the Chapter with the most Region Signatures will win.


10.  The chapter holding the most signatures at the end of the reporting timeframe will also win the Virginia Traveling Plaque and receive Patch stating "Virginia's Friendliest Chapter - Year".  The winning chapter will be recognized at Rally In The Valley closing ceremonies.


Question:  Can I receive a signature from the same chapter each month?
Answer:  Yes, optimally you would like to visit a large number of chapters within the district with as many members as possible but you can get signatures from only one chapter up to six times if that is what your member wants.


Question:  If I lose my card are all my signatures lost.
Answer:  Yes, you will receive a new card and signatures start fresh...keep your cards safe.


Question:  If I forget my card can I get a new card and get signatures toward my visit.
Answer:  No, you must use your card, a fresh card will be given once your current card is full, copies are also not allowed and will not be counted.


Question:  Can I get a signature from my home chapter and will that count.
Answer:  No.


Question: Do I get a point for the for the seminar (Leadership, Safety, MAD, Training) and a point for visiting the chapter or event.
Answer. No. Only 1 point is given, the objective is visitation, you are visiting the event and that course is considered the event.

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